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  • Duhok. Iraq
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    Entry Level
  • Posted On
    25 February 2021
  • Expired Date
    24 February 2021
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  • Joining Date
    02 February 2021
  • Job Role
    Marketing and PR
Microsoft Office including Word- PowerPoint and Excel. Familiar with the use of the internet and ema

Marketing Job Duties:

  • Contributes information, ideas, and research to help develop marketing strategies
  • Helps to detail, design, and implement marketing plans for each product or service being offered
  • Sets marketing schedules and coordinates with colleagues, sponsors, media representatives, and other professionals to implement strategies across multiple channels
  • Develops sales strategies and approaches for various products and services, such as special promotions, sponsored events, etc.
  • Answers questions from clients about product and service benefits
  • Maintains excellent relationships with clients through superior customer service
  • Tracks sales data and works to meet quotas or sales team goals
  • Analyses trends, data, demographics, pricing strategies, and other information that can potentially improve marketing and sales performance
  • Creates and presents regular performance reports for managers and executives
  • Helps to interview, hire, manage, and direct members of the company's marketing and sales teams
  • Assigns specific employees to marketing and sales projects or client accounts as needed
  • Implements and adheres to company policies and procedures
  • Attends trade shows and travels to meet clients as needed.


  • يساهم بالمعلومات والأفكار والأبحاث للمساعدة في تطوير استراتيجيات التسويق
  • يساعد في تفصيل وتصميم وتنفيذ خطط التسويق لكل منتج أو خدمة يتم تقديمها
  • يضع جداول التسويق وينسق مع الزملاء والجهات الراعية وممثلي وسائل الإعلام وغيرهم من المهنيين لتنفيذ الاستراتيجيات عبر قنوات متعددة
  • يطور استراتيجيات ونهج المبيعات لمختلف المنتجات والخدمات ، مثل العروض الترويجية الخاصة ، والأحداث التي ترعاها ، وما إلى ذلك.
  • يجيب على أسئلة العملاء حول مزايا المنتج والخدمة
  • يحافظ على علاقات ممتازة مع العملاء من خلال خدمة العملاء المتميزة
  • يتتبع بيانات المبيعات ويعمل على تلبية الحصص النسبية أو أهداف فريق المبيعات
  • يحلل الاتجاهات والبيانات والتركيبة السكانية واستراتيجيات التسعير وغيرها من المعلومات التي يمكن أن تحسن أداء التسويق والمبيعات
  • إنشاء وتقديم تقارير أداء منتظمة للمديرين والتنفيذيين
  • يساعد في مقابلة وتوظيف وإدارة وتوجيه أعضاء فرق التسويق والمبيعات في الشركة
  • يعين موظفين محددين لمشاريع التسويق والمبيعات أو حسابات العملاء حسب الحاجة
  • ينفذ ويلتزم بسياسات وإجراءات الشركة
  • حضور المعارض التجارية والسفر لمقابلة العملاء حسب الحاجة

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Executive Summary Hayv Germany is a company for General Trade in Import & Export for Kurdistan region (KRG) & Iraq. Our company is specialized in Kurdistan region (KRG) & Iraq market. To be constantly in touch with international companies and simplify the business relationship and the associated communication we have based in Germany Walldorf. Our own agent company “KANARGMBH“ who is located in Germany Walldorf, give us the perfect opportunity to handle all questions like Transport, Logistic & Export Documentations. OUR VISION Hayv Germany Office Product Development and Sales Teams are actively searching for tomorrow’s product lines and anticipating new application requirements, while improving the current product range so that we can successfully stay ahead of our competitors. Our vision includes providing product and service solutions for our clients, enabling them to enhance the quality and level of service to their clients, and thus build successful long term associations with Hayv Germany Office. OUR CUSTOMERS Hayv Germany Office customers come from a wide range of Industries and this is reflected in our comprehensive range of Restaurant, Café, CosmeticShops, Online-Shops, Packing, Printing, this product range is supplied to clients and distribution. Whether it is above or underground, Hayv Germany Office can provide the solution. OUR GUARANTEE We are a proud Kurdish from the Northern Iraqi Federal region of Kurdistan (KRG) grown up in Germany, a managed company committed to the quality of our german-european products and the high quality service. TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Whether it be Restaurant, Café, Cosmetic-Shops, Online-Shops, Packing, Printing or any other product required, often the hardest part of locating that product is conveying to someone exactly what you are looking for. We have combined trade and engineering backgrounds of over than 10 years to assist in interpreting your requirements and ensuring you receive the correct product MISSION STATEMENT Our aim is to be recognized as the leading provider of quality product and reliable service in the market place by continual focus on our clients’ needs. About us Nowadays where one can´t think or act in Economical terms without knowing the meaning of Globalisation. International network is more than important to every enterprise. Therefore being connected internationally is essential in order to become successful in business. Our mission is to take place international products and try to build a long term business for the region Kurdistan (KRG) and Iraq market. We specialize in the processing of your project area, purchases of small to large products, procurement of all kinds of products and exclusivity of the products.